The History

It all began in 1917 when this land was known as the "Wild 80" because it was all woods and swamp. Cecil Snyder was undeterred and started cutting, built a barn and moved in the cows....and family....the family lived in one half of this granary from 1917 until the 20's when they built the horse stable and moved into the stable with the horses. My husband's' grandparents bought the 80 acre farm in the late 60's and raised and sold steers and pigs. His parents bought 10 acres from them a few years later for $1 and built the home they live in now in the woods on the other corner of the property and took the old barn back to dairy farming which they continued until 2000.


The farmhouse wasn't built until the 30's. A Sears & Roebuck Catalog home. My husband Trevor and I moved back to the old homestead in 2011 and started working on the house with our garden, pigs and pet donkey Dixie. In 2013 when the stable fell down we started discussing what we should do to save the barn.

As a Certified Executive Chef and Certified Event Manager for over 30 years it seemed like a no brainer what I should do. An event barn!

It wasn't as clear to the rest of the family since it was in such disarray.

But in August of 2015, we started cleaning and refurbishing and it was quite a mess!

But we found some really amazing stuff that we have incorporated into the makeover! Like the old firetruck that we have turned into a kitchen!




In July 2016 we held our first wedding!



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